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2017-04-06 12:20 am

well the time has come

I guess I'm moving to DW.
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2012-03-26 12:53 pm
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Help me lj!

When I was down in LA right after Christmas, I found this fabric at Michael Levines. I should have bought it in the pink and blue color way but I didn't. Can I talk any of my LA friends into picking some up for me? I'll cover your gas/parking/shipping costs.

It's by Duralee and called 'Chantal Stripe'

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2008-12-03 07:22 am

Happy Happy Birthday

To [ profile] snowwhite38!

I hope your day is happy, and I know this weekend will rock.
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2008-08-30 04:36 pm

Going Friends Only

Comment to be added

ETA: If you're already friended you're fine!